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I am excited to announce my candidacy for Stanardsville District seat for the Greene County Board of Supervisors. I am a long-time Greene County resident of 37+ years.
• Pioneer Bank in Stanardsville • Part-time United States Postal Mail Carrier in Stanardsville • Started my own small cleaning company based in Stanardsville ("Dustbusters")
• Greene County Rescue Squad Board of Directors, [2017-2020] • Greene County Rescue Squad Treasurer, [2020-2021], During the transition to County Services • Ladies Auxiliary Member, [2006-2008], • Fundraising projects • Church Ministry Work • 30+ years of fundraising for many Greene Co. charities and families • 30+ years Sunday School Teacher
• Licensed Real Estate Agent in Virginia • Greene County Tourism Advisory Board 10+ years and currently Acting CEO and General Manager, Lydia Mountain Lodge, and Log Cabins. Almost 20 years of experience, [developing Lydia from a very small business to a significant contributor to Greene Co. tourism, jobs, and tax revenue.] Special Note: Since I have an interest in Lydia Mountain, I commit to recusing myself from any decisions that may arise related to the company.
Platform Positions

My Concerns and Priorities

The Streetscape projects have greatly improved the appearance along Main Street, and the Farmer’s Market and Pavilion bring opportunities that have just begun to come together.

What has been neglected under the past management is the water and sewer infrastructure. We know that much of it is well beyond its design life and is failing. The capacities are inadequate for the quality of life and safety of the Stanardsville citizens.

Opening a single hydrant for Fire Department training caused a catastrophic loss of pressure in Stanardsville residences. We’ve known for some time the fire fighting water supply to the schools is grossly inadequate. These are issues that RSA did not address for many years.

With the new Greene County Water and Sewer Authority being created, Stanardsville District must be effectively represented in the priority setting decisions ahead.

Stanardsville is a beautiful town nestled in the Blue Ridge foothills and Tourism is a rapidly growing business in Greene County. The current problems in R-1 residential communities were not well understood or anticipated in the past when the current system of Special Use Permits was created. Basically, the County government has almost no existing standards to protect the quality of life in the close-knit R-1 communities, leaving it up to residents to try to handle issues themselves, potentially a very divisive situation.

The unfortunate legal situation where once a property is granted a SUP it lives on in perpetuity with the property, has encouraged non-residents to begin purchasing those properties as business investments, sometimes with minimal supervision of renters. The Board of Supervisors, with the Planning commission, with the knowledge gained from experience, must revisit the issue and carefully create new ordinances for all zoning classifications that protect owner’s property rights while providing for neighbor safety and quality of life.

Most properties operating today are well run, with owners residing on the property, or professional managers maintaining decorum. Growth in tourism means there is a need for short-term rentals. My company is in the business of providing short term rentals, growing tourism, and providing substantial tax revenue to Greene County. I bring long successful experience to do what must be done for the benefit of all the residents of Greene County.

Greene County is facing the convergence of several large projects at the same time. The Water Impoundment Project while integrating a new public safety communications system and getting a county run EMS organization fully operational takes careful planning and execution.

The immediate substantial growth in population in the Ruckersville/Rt. 29 corridor means growth in all the services, including law enforcement, and is needed quickly. After many delays, the water impoundment project must move forward now.

These large and critical projects demand the Board of Supervisors provide more focused hands-on oversight and support than normal.